Monday, September 24, 2007

One hundred and one Swaziland destinations - #18: "Mantenga Falls"

The falls.

My first lap in the pool at the base of the falls.

I had not confirmed that there were no crocodiles in this segment of the Usutu River at the time this picture was taken, and so the pictured lap was my only lap for the day.

I have since confirmed that there are many crocs in the Usutu River, but not near Mantenga Falls. I have also heard from several reputable sources that that there has never been an incident in this section of the river and that crocodiles do not like turbulent water or rocky river banks.

As I am now reasonably convinced that there is no large scaly greenish sharp-toothed underwater carnivorous link in the Mantenga Falls food chain, I have since been in the water several times, usually with friends. (Even a single decoy doubles my odds of survival, if I did the math correctly.)

Mantenga Nature Reserve, where the falls are situated, is nestled between the two mountains, one aptly called "Sheba`s Breasts" and the other "Execution Rock", featured previously as Swaziland destination #4.

Below the Mantenga Falls there is a village of traditional Swazi beehive huts and traditional Swazi dances are performed twice a day.



At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, good to know there are no croc's near Mantenga... i heard there's a "lap swimming" record out there...did you break it???... because i thought the swimming cap was a nice touch, definitely would have expected you to set that new record-lucky we can't see if you're wearing a speedo- true blue!LOL
;-) LL Thanks for the Mantenga treat!


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