Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ode to Dan and Teena

L to R: Ryan, Paul, Beth, Antz, Michelle, Dan, Teena, Carrie, Dave, Anouk.

Dan Shodell (white shirt) and Teena Sebastian (pink bandana) are officially moving from Swaziland to Mozamique this week.

They not only organized the first recorded Swaziland ultimate frisbee league (pictured here after playing yesterday), but also worked diligently over the last year for the children of Swaziland. They are good folks and good friends.

Dan worked in PMTCT here in Swaziland (for EGPAF) and has recently taken a job with the CDC in Moz, also focused on HIV prevention. Teena is remining with Baylor and estalishing a new outreach mentorship program near Maputo.

They are expecting a baby girl soon.


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