Friday, May 11, 2007

One hundred and one Swaziland destinations - #4: "Rock of Execution".

Nyonyane Mountain, also known as the “Rock of Execution”, is in the middle of the Mlilwane Wildlife Sancuary, which I will reserve for a future posting. (Swaziland is small, and I have to pace myself to ensure that I complete my triple-digit list of in-country destinations.)

The history of the mountain is captured in the name, and, according to local lore, many met an unfortunate end at the base of the exposed granite peak…after a bit of a freefall.

The mountain's historical significance does not stop there. Nyonyane is also where the ancient San People once lived and where Swazi royal graves are situated.

The ascent makes for a nice but challenging hike or bike, and the panorama at the peak rewards those that reach it.

There are two ways down from the Rock of Execution. I recommend simply retracing your steps.



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