Sunday, May 13, 2007

One hundred and one Swaziland destinations- #5: Slick Rock Creek Trail

I named the trail myself.

The name is based on the small river that serves as the half-way mark for the out-and-back ride that we did yesterday morning. Actually, the name was first inspired a few months ago by a deep bruise that resulted from a tumble I took while walking shoeless across the slimy creek bottom.

It's better now.

While we have only biked the route twice, it is already a new favorite. For an illustration of some of the trail’s highlights, see the arrowed photos and captions below.

The start of the trail, about 6km into the ride. The arrow is the approximate location of the creek.

Slick Rock Creek, with my weary bike in the foreground. The arrow represents the general vicinity of the trail's beginning, where the first photo was taken.

The return ascent continues. Note the elaborate Swazi homestead in the foreground. It is one of the few along the route. (Even a few miles outside of Mbabane, the Swazi countryside is sparsely populated...and quite poor.)

The Slick Rock Trail Fan Club: me, Dr. Eric Raabe, and Dr. Eric McCollum.


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