Sunday, May 06, 2007

One hundred and one Swaziland destinations - #2: "The Malolotja Nature Reserve"

Malolotja view. (Photo by Roger.)

There are many beautiful places here in Swaziland.

I had never been to the Malolotja Nature Reserve until this past weekend, despite its being but twenty minutes from my house. Touted as “the last unspoilt mountain wilderness left in Swaziland” by the guidebooks and “the most beautiful place in Swaziland” by my friend Brendan, Malolotja did not disappoint.

The photo above was taken during a hike I took yesterday.

While walking through this magnificent terrain, I had a recurring and mildly disrupting thought:
Beauty and suffering are so often neighbors; how does one reconcile the two?

Though these words seem a tad trite when I see them written down, the juxtaposition of that which is nearly perfect (yesterday’s view) and that which is tragic and painful (tomorrow’s sick children) bewilders me.

As today, the in-between day, is Sunday, I thought I’d at least pose the question.

As for Maloloja, in addition to accentuating seemingly irreconcilable realities, it also makes for a relaxing afternoon. To see it yourself, just go to where the yellow star is on the map below.



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