Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brilliant and wide - Introducing Nontokoza and Bongani (7 of 10)

Nontokoza and her mother

Bongani and his mother

There are few smiles as brilliant and wide as the smile of a mother when she learns that the medicines she took during pregnancy prevented her child from becoming HIV infected.

Though the custom here is to not smile too much in photos, I can assure you that the joyful faces of these mothers when I told them of their child's status would have moistened your eyes.

Mine glisten every time.


The prevention of maternal to child transmission of HIV is a topic I have discussed extensively in this blog. There is way too little of it. Scroll down if interested in learning more.



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What are the SiSwazi words for breastfeeding
Breastfed infant
Healthy baby


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