Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If "banana-ness" was a Platonic form... - Today's travel digest (1 of 10)

I was last in the USA ten months ago. Until today, that is.

I am just off the plane from Africa, in the Atlanta airport. Though only back for a few minutes, I already find myself with a growing list of, um, transatlantic observations.

After clearing US customs (an interesting experience in and of itself), I proceeded directly to buy some coffee.

Despite forgetting that 'small' is now 'tall' and 'medium' is now 'grande' or something like that, I managed to convey that I wanted some coffee in a cup.

As I stepped up to the cash register and transacted with green money for the first time in a long time, I was struck by a a basket of yellow fruit on the counter. The contents looked a lot like bananas, but were much bigger and much much better.

I am not sure what Del Monte (the red, oval sticker on the mega-fruit read "Del Monte") does to coax flawless, foot-long bananas from the same earth that yields the brown, shriveled ones I have become familiar with, but they need to export the technology (produce life coaches?) to Southern Africa. Very impressive. I mean, I am very very impressed with those bananas.

Take the picture above, for example. Imagine banana #2 was perfectly yellow and 50% bigger. Now, extrapolate from banana #7 and imagine that there is an eighth. I have been eating #8s for a long time.


Stay tuned for my next travel digest entry on the universal automation/automatization of the American airport bathroom.


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