Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One hundred and one Swaziland destinations- #14 & #15: Two Swazi homesteads

Dallas is a city. Mbabane (where I live here in Swaziland) is almost a city. Well, let’s just call it a town. It is big for Swaziland, but it is a town. 80K inhabitants or so.

In any case, most of Swaziland, just like most of Texas, is rural.

The quintessential Texan is not a Dallas real estate agent or a Houston banker. He is a cowboy, a farmer.

Well, so it is in Swaziland. Folks live and make their living out on the countryside. They live in homesteads like these.

A traditional homestead, on the way to Matsanjeni Health Centre (see below for more on Matsanjeni)

A more modern homestead along the same road (note the electrical wires).



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