Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ANSWER: Swazi 'cultural competency' pop quiz (Question 4 and 5 of 10)

See below for the question.

#4 - (c) is the incorrectly worded choice. The pregnant woman, in traditional culture, would sleep by herself in the marital bed/house. The father sleeps with the children separately. The other statements are true.

#5 - (d) is correct. While (d) this may seem a reasonable reason to start fires, there seems little calculation/care involved in the modern day burning process. This was recently corroborated by two sources. One, the newspaper, which reported on the 100+ homeless families following a fire this past weekend (photo below). Several also died in the blaze, which started when small, intentional fires were spread by gusty winds. The other source is our UNICEF driver, Dumsani, who reviewed the history of Swazi burning with me as we drove to Matsanjeni yesterday. (See Swazi destination above.)

Dumsani's hypothesis was the inspiration for the last choice below. He said, "I think that, these days, many [of the fires] are started because of rage."

If this is the case, many angry folks are running around Swaziland with matches.



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