Friday, June 08, 2007

Today's family photo(s) - Powdered foods and flippant moods

Alan, Sipho, and Dave.

Corn soy blend (CSB) is aptly named. It is powdered soy and powdered corn, and it can keep a malnourished child alive. Thanks to a donation by the World Food Program (WFP), we began distributing the food yesterday at the Baylor clinic. We moved a few hundred kilograms of the one day.

The photo above depicts Alan preparing some CSB packets for next week. After an hour or so of this, he was covered with a thin film of nutritious dust. More about CSB and the World Food Program soon.

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After returning from prepackaging CSB, both Alan and Sarah began helping me write up a couple of articles. Sarah found herself a bit giddy after editing a recent draft of an article discussing a staff adherence exercise conducted here at the clinic. More to come on this as well.

They are both working hard. I am trying to get them to write a guest blog entry, but they are already averaging 11 hour days.

At least they are getting some exercise.

CSB bags...and more CSB bags.


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