Friday, June 01, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane, and stuffed - Two docs heading back home

There is nothing quite like a Swazi farewell lunch. It is omnivorous comfort food at its finest.

Within the week, two of the Baylor Pediatric AIDS Corps physicians will be returning to their respective countries. Dr. Eric Raabe will be heading off to pediatric heme-onc fellowship at Hopkins and Dr. Helga Loeffler will be resuming her previous academic position in Germany…and having a baby.

Their contributions to the COE in Swaziland has been enormous, with Eric spearheading laboratory development (and much more) and Helga trailblazing to ensure that our outreach program continues to grow (and much more).

It is sad to see them go, but nice to mark the occasion with a few thousand kilocalories.

Scroll down for a pictoral menu of a Swazi midday feast at its finest. Today, fortunately, it was also my midday feast at its finest.
Meat #1

Meat #2

Meat #3

Meat #4

Note that it is important to arrive at a Swazi midday feast early, 'cause the meat goes quickly. This photo was taken after about five minutes of flying forks and knives. After all, meat is relatively expensive and by no means a staple here in Swaziland.
I rarely buy it.
The staple is "pap", and no meal here is complete without it. It is made from maize and is as filling as it is delicious.
Sipho and I were not sure if there was enough pap for both of us, and, pap being so energy-dense and tasty, a struggle ensued. At this snapshot instant, I had the upper hand. He eventually overpowered me and made off with the bowl.
Food fight. (Sipho and Ryan)
The guests of honor and friends. (R to L: Eric, Busi Bhembe, (Beki), Helga, and K.T.)
This is Dave, MD. There is nothing Swazi about eating pap with a meatbone, but we were short on plasticware and he is from Mississippi.


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Sipho said...

I'm loving the posts man. Thanks for keeping this blog fresh with all the honest stories. Hope your enjoying Botswana and plan to tarry some more in the continent.

Keep up the good work your doing for the African children.


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