Thursday, June 14, 2007

One hundred and one Swaziland destinations- #9: St. Phillips

St. Phillips is a small village where I went for "outreach" today.
St. Phillips is about two hours from Mbabane. You will probably never find yourself there, but if you do, ask for Sister Sweetness. Her name is apt and easy to remember, and if you are lucky she will be able to show you around.

Here are a few pics…my best attempt at a virtual tour. Bear in mind that I am no Sister Sweetness.

The girls dorm on laundry day.

Leaving class.

Baby cows on laundry day

Five adolescents in after-school tutoring.

Five kids hanging out after school.


Well, hope you enjoyed the tour.

We (Dr. Carrie Golitko and I) spent the day seeing patients alongside Nurse Simon, helping him become more comfortable with pediatric HIV care and treatment. The photo below was taken by a 9yo patient.

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Carrie.

Simon is an excellent clinician and avid learner. He will be a pediatric HIV expert soon.

Nurse Simon reviews the adherence calendar.



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