Sunday, December 07, 2008

One hundred and one Swaziland destinations - #26: "Swazi Candles"

A Swazi candle-maker (

Swaziland is historically a cattle-based society, and fresh bread is considered a delicacy. Butchers are bakers therefore abound. But what of candle-stick makers?

I have written before (Swaziland destination #16, I believe) about the Ngwenya glass factory, where broken shards are melted into molten lava and then, with a spin of a pole and a few flicks of a spatula, become transparent elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffes and other forms...including fancy wine glasses.

Swazi Candles is the waxen version of the glass factory, and we are not merely talking about wax sticks. There are few animals in the Kingdom (the Animal Kingdom, that is) that do not have some representation in the showroom. For the classicist, there are some stick designs, but these are carefully patterned or pied so that one does not mistake them for ordinary candles.

I have attached several examples below. See for more information.



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