Sunday, April 13, 2008

One hundred and one Swaziland destinations - #23: "House on Fire"

The back door to seen from Melandelas Restaurant when the sun is up.

Think eclectic soapstone architecture and good music surrounded by cane fields. That is House on Fire. After dark on a weekend (way after dark usually), it might best be described as a hippy Disneyland (drug-free, of course). Open pit fires, a diverse crowd, a full bar, a tiered dance floor, and some of South Africa’s best DJs and bands. "HoF" is by far the heaviest hitter in Swazi nightlife. For last year's Bushfire festival (will post related pics soon), an outdoor stage was built, and in the upcoming months alone Freshly Ground and Johnny Kleg (two of South Africa's finest) are playing.

The venue is located in Malkerns, <30 href="">

HoF's 'stonework', up close.

The view from the back lawn of HoF, by day. Also beautiful at night.

A traditional Swazi hut, behind HoF, near Melandelas.



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