Thursday, November 01, 2007

My family eating shrimp po'boys in the town where I was born: Today's [belated] travel digest (5 of 10)

From left to right: Chuck (dad), Ryan (me), Sarah (younger sister), Alan (brother-in-law), Nick (younger brother), Victoria (Nick's girlfriend), Jeannine (mom)

I did not post as much while in Texas as I had planned. (The Phelps homestead is a busy place.)
I will try to supplement the previous home grown Texas posts from here in Swaziland.

So, here is a photo of my nuclear family, plus partners. (Not the "howdy partner", squinty-eyed, spittoon-dinging, six-shooter-slinging, bowed-legs-at the-knee-from-too-much-saddle-time kind. The other kind.)
We are in Galveston, Texas a couple days prior to my return to Africa.


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