Tuesday, November 13, 2007

HIV is not an emergency, is it? - Recent media

In early October I promised to write about why HIV is quite literally an emergent disaster. I was planning on using notes that I took during a recent lecture by Derek von Wissell, the Director of NERCHA, the entity responsible for implementing Swaziland’s response to the HIV/AIDS. Dr. von Wissell is also a former Swaziland Minister of Health .

Well, a friend sent me a link yesterday (thanks Anna) where Dereck, under the pen name "Government of Swaziland", summarizes the talk, and while the article is accented by some doomy, gloomy prose, it is interesting.

Have a look: Reviewing 'emergencies' for Swaziland - Shifting the paradigm in a new era.

(See also my previous post titled "Parentless children with nothing to lose" which I wrote after a talk Dereck gave about the mushrooming orphan problem here in Swaziland.)


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