Friday, August 31, 2007

Addendum: Preparing oneself for multiple choices

In my recent entry, I contrasted the working definitions of child health promotion in resource-rich versus resource-restrained settings. I implied that there is little that can be done in Swaziland to resuscitate struggling newborns.

While this is unfortunately the case, we are constantly engaged in capacity-building that is resource appropriate. When we participate in clinical training and mentorship, we use only what is available at the local clinic. All that I bring is a stethoscope, written reference materials and hand sanitizer. (Sometimes it is difficult to find soap.)

If you are new to the blog, you can check out a few of these clinics in previous posts (Links: St. Phillips , Shewula , Matsanjeni)

A couple of weeks back, thanks to the generosity of Operation Smile, our entire clinic staff spent the day receiving basic life support training. These skills are applicable to all clinical settings on all continents, and can certainly be used for neonatal resuscitation. To do it, all you need is you.

Here are some selected photos of our clinic staff from that day:

KT doing chest compressions.

Sipho and Eunice helping an infant who is choking.

Mlungisi, also performing the infant heimlich.


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