Saturday, November 25, 2006

What am I up to? (21 November-25 November)

The week has been one of those “steady-as-she-goes” kind of weeks. Similar to last week, I worked in our outpatient clinic (see entries below for more specifics) from Monday through Thursday, and yesterday we had general staff and MD meetings (see below for abridged meeting minutes).

In actuality, I have been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work in preparation for this weekend’s Thanksgiving dinner, but to no avail.

On that note, if you know how to procure an ostrich in Swaziland, contact me immediately. (Alive or dead is fine.)

Apparently they used to run around wild here, but I cannot find one anywhere, though their painted, preserved eggs clutter every curio shop in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I tell you, fellow Americans (and other highly-valued blog readers), I am shocked at the absence of a Thanksgiving ostrich market in these parts. Shocked.

There are a few big, flightless birds running around the Mlilane Game Reserve a few kilometers from here, but I have zero interest in having my Thanksgiving meal in a Swazi prison.

Less than zero.

It would be a very un-American experience.

What I would not do (besides Swazi jail) to carve and eat ostrich before Thanksgiving weekend ends!

I would settle for guinea fowl (turkey-like, as pictured above) if they were not so gamy and tough.

Oh well, we may have to settle for a gobbler.

Now that I think about it, since there is no football on TV (the pigskin variety, I mean), we might as well eat gobbler to Americanize the experience a bit.

The rumor is that there will be apple pie.

This thankful pilgrim certainly hopes so.



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