Monday, November 13, 2006

My Swazi family

Meet my youthful housemates.

Well, actually, Busi (the tall, grown-up one) lives in the adjoining guest house, while Phephisa, Thando, Neliswa, Philile (left to right in bottom row) and Ntshiki (in Busi’s arms) come and go between Busi’s home village of Siteki a few hours east.

The two little ones are deathly afraid of me (as pictured), and I have no idea why.

Phephisa and Ntshiki are Busi’s children (she has a third child of fifteen years). Thando and Neliswa belong to Busi’s sister, Sphephile, and, finally, Philile is the child of Busi’s other sister, Futhi.

Such names make “Ryan” seem a bit of a yawn, no? Posted by Picasa



At 11:56 PM, Anonymous Leigh said...

More pics of this darling kids, Ryan! And kid stories!

You write like someone who's fallen in love with Swaziland ... lucky you.



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