Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lake Malawi’s #1 Boy Band

“Look, the moon is full,” said one of the silhouettes as we wandered down the shore of Lake Malawi.

“I believe it is actually a waxing gibbous,” one of my other traveling companions objected.

Regardless, we did not need a flashlight as we sought out the pizzeria down the beach from our thatch-roofed cabin.

Nor did “Lake Malawi’s #1 Boy Band”.

They use the name “Boy Band” for short.

One instant, we were discussing the moon, pizza toppings, and how hungry we were. The next instant we were being entertained by a four-piece-two-dancer band, average age 6.5 years.

Boy Band someday hopes to buy trousers to go with their matching shirts.

These children are an affirmation of hope, a reminder of what we must strive to protect.

Have a look…

Boy Band's bass guitarrist.

Boy Band's backup drummer.

Boy Band's lead guitarrist.

Boy Band's dancers, demonstrating the ever-popular "old man dance".

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At 7:13 PM, Blogger little sis said...

Cousins Incorporated should take notes for next year's beach trip talent show :) (...I call being one of the old man dancers!)


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