Monday, April 02, 2007

Why I love my job - Quote 2 of 10

“I have noticed that maybe there is an effect on growth. He is growing faster since the medicines. He plays football with the others, plays moto, runs, does everything. Everything with the others.”

I asked the grandmother what she meant by “moto”, and she explained that “moto” is a type of contest where the children build cars out of wire and see which one is the fastest, biggest, fanciest, and so on.

I have seen these cars. There are many varieties, but they have one commonality: they are toys made from common materials, often scrap metal and leftover jugs, bottles, tubes, etc.

I once saw one equipped with battery-powered FM radio. (I think I have a photo of it somewhere.)

Until I unbury it, I offer the following examples from the internet:



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